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Dangerous Stairs SAFE Again and Reclaim Your Freedom with a Stair Lift

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Make Daily Life MuchEasier and Less Painful

Going up and down stairs could be incredibly debilitating for a lot of individuals with failing hips and knees. A fresh lift makes that process completely pain free, and turns something you need to do multiple times per day rather than a distressing one, into an enjoyable encounter. A fresh lift will make your everyday life much more easy.

No More Worrying About The Safety of Loved Ones

For the children of aging parents, of if their parent is still healthy and not trapped, the daily worry is a daily anxiety. With the addition of a stair lift to the house, you make life easier for everyone around, understanding the stairs are now much safer than before, and can greatly reduce this worry.

Add Value to Your Springfield Home

Availability and freedom gear already set up on your home will be an important advantage as the baby boomer population continues to get older. It’ll make your home more precious, and be purchased quicker in case something occurs. A new lift can significantly raise the value of your Springfield house.


Does the extra help you provide your elderly parent or dependent appear too dangerous and overwhelming when it comes to following them down and up the stairs?

Folks living in Springfield neighborhoods rely on our professionals that are capable, because we focus on correctness and safety can match it within a couple of hours or within a day depending on your own stairs and when installing your stairlift.

Maintain your Autonomy in Oregon, because the stairway don’t have to confine which part of the house you go to.

Unexpectedly having to deal with limiting your moves as an outcome of a disability or elderly age can force you to lose your trust. It can reduce the quality of your own life. In order to stop letting those stairway destroy your day that’s unnecessary with new technologies which can be set up on your house.

Plenty of people face the difficult choice of the way to continue enjoy greater rates of dignity and to live comfortably in their own home when facing mobility limitations. Even if our bodies change with age, our desire to help you to get around and live an independent lifestyle sticks with us.

Having to wait around for someone to assist you in routine jobs or getting to your own cozy bed can take its toll. In fact, it’s one of the core values that caregivers focus on, making sure they maintain a good sense of dignity as well as admiration for a loved one.

No wonder, the desire for esteem and dignity truly develops more powerful when someone becomes sick, disabled, or challenged with mobility issues.

It’s possible that you’ve already decided to live at home, instead of an assisted living facility, despite needing to face a disability or age-associated challenge coming your way.

Maybe you’re not familiar with installing a stairlift can help you keep your accessibility to every area of your home. The wonderful thing about living at home is that there are a lot of choices and they’re yours to make.


Alleviating pain for the fastest growing section of the population in the world is part of what makes our communities supportive.

Pain does not have to be a regular process of aging, but physicians admit that aged patients frequently believe that it is. Pain can impair your day-to-day activities and may interfere with your social life. Some pull away from actions and loved ones based on how much pain their continual state brought them on a daily basis. Millions of people suffer based on the American Pain Society and look for relief or many of them fail to find treatment.

By installing a stairlift in your Springfield home, you can decrease your suffering and still remain mobile.

In the interim,, you won’t fill with stress every time you walk up the stairway. Seniors or those people who are challenged by freedom who sustain a fall-related injury frequently require lifelong care afterward, or worse, totally remove living alone.

A stairlift will eliminate the fears and also the opportunities that you may aggravate your pain.

With a stairlift, you will not have a debilitating tumble. It’s possible for you to relieve the pain by relying on our professional technicians to get you off your feet into a stairlift that will safely carry you up and down those stairway that are menacing, that you currently experience.

Avoid becoming one of the millions of elderly adults who endure moderate to serious injuries when they lost their equilibrium.

You can now pursue your daily activities with convenience and relaxation and quit the excruciating painful journey, since you deserve alternatives that could enhance your own life.

Enjoy all of the time, love and effort you’ve put into your home once again.

Our Oregon staff is prepared to provide you with a quote and discuss your particular requirements for installing a stairlift in Springfield, to set your loved ones minds at ease and to improve every day of your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can you build one of these yourselves?

It really depends on your practical know how. It's an extremely daunting process. You can locate used stairlifts and save yourself from the built-in hassle and possible risks of building one yourself. Some layouts are offered online, however, without the correct tools, materials and welding knowledge, this strategy might take a long time to build as well as plenty of frustrations. Additionally, when you compare design plans that are shared for a stairlift to buying a tried-and-true tested model that is, a home made version can't compete with commercial models as much as look and compactness. It's a hardy way to go. Also, recall security is really a concern for anyone who is going to rely on the raise, therefore it is vital for you to do frequent checking and thorough testing of your handiwork.

2) Why are they so expensive to install?

Most importantly, they comprise routine care and help you each step of the way. Open up any of the setup guides and you will see a warning that strict adherence to the setup directions is needed and any limited warranty will be voided by any deviation and remove any chance you have of holding the manufacturer liable for accountability or any damage. Professional setup is considerably more efficient in the long-run in terms of service guarantee and long-term care because they experienced at setup and are trained to follow security measures. The installer is getting paid to correctly install your unit so that you do not confront serious hazards that do result when the manual for the first time opens and installs a stairlift. A Springfield professional also understands the way to make sure that the stairlift follows fire exit demands, the best way to ensure that assure that all the appropriate operating characteristics are enabled, and the charger connections are working correctly to avoid serious injuries. The cost you pay to really have a trained and trustworthy technician ensures the longevity of your purchase as well as your safety. Also, setup involves lifting a fair amount of weight. Many installations could be completed in a few hours by a professional.

3) How are they powered?

If you have ever fought for the remote, here's another remote to add to your collection. You can conserve energy by turning it away with the remote also, when you are not using the stairlift. Stairlifts come in both battery-powered (D/C) and electrical (A/C) versions. One factor is whether you live in an area that experiences a great deal of power outages, because you do not need to be stranded mid-elevator during a thunderstorm. (Yet, ask the maker about the backup power system that should be included in your version.) Additionally, consider the cost of replacing the battery and also the life of the battery. While some favor electrical versions for reasons that range from battery life to some device difficulties particular to battery versions, others favor battery-powered stairlifts, since they are able to result in lower electric bills, although the cost of the electricity to use the stairlift has been considered negligible by the majority of makers. You don't need to plug after every use in a battery charger, because the battery version has a wall plug to maintain the battery charged. Another thing to consider is the way mechanically inclined the user is, cables need to be disconnected and reconnected to fit the new battery and because casing and the seat on some models must be removed. Request directions and see whether it's something you'll want to replace yourself. We'd be very happy to help you out. Make sure there is a spark plug within several feet of the lift, in case you choose an electric model. No particular outlets are mandatory. Ask the way to change the back up fuse on an electric stairlift.

4) How much do stair lifts costs?

According to Consumer Affairs, the top nine stairlift brand names starting with the finest-rated include: Acorn Stairlifts, Accessible Building, Rise Stairlifts, Silver Cross, Bruno, AmeriGlide, Country Home Elevator, 101 Freedom and Stannah. Experts rate these suitability because of situation, and based on a number of characteristics, variables. Since every staircase is different, their costs are not publicized by several firms. Frequently, they're going to beat any competitive quote. The cost can vary from $1,200 to over $10,000, averaging around $3,500 for a straight stairway. Used stairlifts can cost under $2,000. Rental and aid systems are available. For a straight flight of stairs seem to spend between $2,500 to $6,000 and for a custom curved rail staircase prices are around $10,000. While some do not comprise setup in the price, some products are sold as complete packages including installment plus a guarantee. The shape of the stairwell, the span of labor, the seat style, the track, as well as the attributes you want determine the price.

5) What types of financing are available if insurance doesn't cover home modifications?

Depending on your own medical condition, there are a few plans that help make the house modification cheaper. 1. The Fall Prevention Center of Excellence lists government grants that are available for home alterations. 2. Contact the National Council on Independent Living Center (703) 525-3406 on getting backing and referral services in your town. 3. You can also contact the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) which is part of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to submit an application for a loan to cover your stairlift through a mortgage insurance plan. 4. It might reassure you to be aware of that if your insurance doesn't cover the cost, several of the stairlift manufacturers have partnered with banks to provide financing alternatives, including loans and monthly payment alternatives. 5. There are other options to consider. The IRS may decide your house alteration qualifies for tax deductions. Call the Internal Revenue Service to find out when you can deduct the price of installing your stairlift. IRS Publication 502 is an excellent resource that will help you estimate whether altering your staircase qualifies you to deduct it as a medical expense. You can also phone them at (800) 829-1040. 6. Some Area Agency of Aging use resources from the Older Americans Act Title III to change homes, should you qualify. Many cities and towns use Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) for home modifications, so check with your Springfield, Oregon office. You can call them toll free at 877-866-2476 or visit

6) Does it increase or decrease the value of my home?

The complete worth of your property won't depreciate. If you plan on selling your Springfield residence, realtors used to advocate that a stairlift be removed prior to putting your house on the Oregon marketplace, however given increased life expectancy, this isn't any longer the case. You go or may also entirely remove the stairlift with no signs of setup when you desire or want it. Realtors can list that the stairlift is a high utility value for disabled people and the home is suitable for reachable independent living and when a purchaser needs it removed, then they offer that possibility.

7) Does health insurance cover equipment cost and installation of a lift?

Because they're home adjustments, not durable medical equipment, Medicare will not cover stairlift equipment and installation costs. Durable medical equipment includes lifts which are used to help a patient in out of a seat or bed. In Oregon, individuals with limited financial resources may qualify for the Oregon Medicaid COPES Waiver, recently replaced by the Community First Choice Option. It empowers people who supports independent living and require nursing home level care to receive that attention at home, including coverage for home modifications. Family members may be compensated for supplying caregiving help. According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), some private health insurance suppliers may offer financial assistance for some home modifications if the elevator is considered a medical necessity. It's better to review insurance policies that are different. Some private health or long-term care insurance may help pay for small house modifications. Check with your Springfield insurance carrier to examine policy options.

8) Are there any good options for used or recycled lifts in my area?

Yes. Stairlifts that are recycled and reconditioned are available and are an alternative. Custom designed curved stairlifts are more difficult to resell, because the angles round the curves truly should be an extremely close match. Otherwise, a recycled stairlift offers lots of edges and is not fundamentally bad merely because it is used. Many Oregon stairlift firms buy back stairlifts and resell them used. A used stairlift may have been removed and resold, as the individual who depended on the raise improved within their state, they moved, or the need for it was temporary. They cost significantly less than new models. Be sure you ask some questions when purchasing a lift that is used. Inquire about the prior owner and their weight /height requirements. Ask about the age of the model that is used. We advise that you really do not buy because that version is close to retirement, one that is 10 years old. Ask mechanical questions regarding the condition of the battery, the working condition of the lift, the tracks, and its own motor. As mentioned before, you can shorten the length of tracks if required.

9) Does AARP cover the cost of these lifts?

AARP is not a supplier of insurance, but contracts with insurers to make coverage available to AARP members. AARP does not make people health plan recommendations and doesn't cover the cost of any health needs or stairlifts. AARP does provide access to health care tools and coverage like Medicare Supplement Insurance and other health plans to members as a resource, but member advantages are given by third parties. Check with the plans which are recorded under the membership services of AARP.

10) Can the track be shortened?

Yes. The tracks could be fixed as well as the span could be reduced. Yet, using the right personal protective gear is highly recommended. Some manufacturers of stairlifts supply do it yourself cutting instructions. Here's the catch. The track determines how well the stairlift will run. Ensuring you get the length of the staircase to correspond with the path length is extremely essential. Without appropriate measurements, you might find the setup results in more problems instead of relying on professional installers with expertise. You might have trouble returning them depending on the yield policy should you cut the courses incorrectly. We highly recommend that you don't install your own stairlift or cut the trail yourself. It is not so safe. Some retailers will not sell you the stairlift if you intend on installing it yourself. An incorrect shortening of the path or the wrong length of course can prove to be very dangerous, particularly when the course is too short. On top of the stairway or if the individual who needs the stairlift steps off of the chair short of the ground floor, they can injure themselves. It's very important that the chair along with the tracks work precisely. Accredited installers will save you from lots of head aches and stress and potential prevent harms that are dreadful.

11) How much do electric stair lifts cost in Springfield?

Used electrical-powered stairlifts can start at about $1,299.00, while battery powered stairlifts can begin at about $1,399.00 in Oregon. Both models are priced when you get them new. The cost difference is negligible initially. In the long run, electrical-powered stairlifts may cost you if you factor in the price of maintenance and replacement batteries. Frequently, although there are batteries which are reasonably simple to install determined by the version, it is strongly recommended to get the battery replaced rather than attempt to replace it yourself.

12) Are there any structural modifications needed before installing a lift?

No. There are no modifications which are necessary since stairlifts do not attach to the wall. The stairlift is installed into existing stair treads. The only thing that we do advocate is that if you are intending to change the flooring or carpet in your stairs in the following five years, you may want to intend to do it before you install your stairlift to prevent future removal and reinstallation prices.

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