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Make Stairs Less Deadly

Going up and down the stairs is something that most elderly people feel is the most dangerous portion of their day. Having to balance and scale is a dangerous mix, and can lead to falling and severely injuring yourself. A stair lift can turn this into a simple and fun task, instead of one you worry.

Avoid Breaking a Hip

The stairway are among the very dangerous places at home, as well as a single fall can lead to a serious injury that may greatly hinder you for years. By avoiding falling on the staircase, you can add many added years to your own life, and relish your family and grandkids for considerably more. Avoid breaking a hip, knee or back using a fall down the stairs.

Make Living Every DayEasier and Hurt Less

Going up and down stairs may be unbelievably painful for many individuals with failing knees and hips. A new lift turns something you’ve got to do multiple times in a day rather than a debilitating one, into an enjoyable experience, and makes that process totally pain-free. A fresh elevator is likely to make your everyday life much more easy.


Do you procrastinate because you get frustrated that your list of things to do is more and then can’t get up the stairs?

Has the thought of having to build an additional bedroom on the first floor or move to one floor home crossed your head?

People living in Gresham neighborhoods rely on our qualified professionals, because we focus on security and correctness when installing your stairlift and can fit it within a day or within a few hours depending on your stairs.

Choose to set the heads of family and friends at ease.

We worry about people who are closest to us. Peace of mind is an important section of residing in an emotionally supportive way. What happens to your body, for example, apprehension that you experience together with the loss of your mobility and independence affects people you love, and that includes coworkers, neighbors, family and friends.

For several loved ones, it pains them to see you suffer and they would like you to make this part of your life more easy.

When you’ve got a stairlift properly installed by our Gresham team, then your family members can stop picturing the worst when you’re alone at home. They can feel more reassured that you are getting about your house and they are able to put to rest the concept of placing you into an unknown setting at a care facility.

You can stay in your home, by giving your loved ones peace of mind along with your family may take pleasure in the time with you, since you’ll have fewer things to worry about.

Keep your Independence in Oregon, because the stairs do not have to limit which part of the house you go to.

Unexpectedly needing to deal with limiting your moves as an outcome of elderly age or a disability can force you to lose your confidence. It can decrease the quality of your life. That is not mandatory with new technologies that can be installed in your house so you could quit letting those stairway ruin your day.

A lot of folks face the tough decision of the best way to continue enjoy greater levels of dignity and to live in their own home when facing mobility restrictions. We are stuck with by our want to be able to get about and live an independent lifestyle even if our bodies change with age.

Needing to wait around for someone to aid you in jobs that are routine or getting to your own comfortable bed can take its toll. The truth is, it’s one of the core values that health professionals focus on, making sure they maintain respect along with a good sense of dignity for a loved one facing these challenges.

No wonder, the desire for dignity and respect truly grows stronger when someone becomes ill, disabled, or challenged with mobility issues.

It is possible that you have already decided to live at home, instead of an assisted living facility, despite having to face a disability or age-related challenge coming your way.

Maybe you are unfamiliar with installing a stairlift can help you keep your access to every area of your house. The wonderful thing about living at home is that there are plenty of options and they are yours to make.

We wish to help you maintain your freedom so you do not have to move away from the Gresham home you love.

All of us need to be careful in our own lives and that means paying attention to our current needs. If you are ready to fit a stairlift into your Gresham house, without altering the character of your home, our Oregon team is prepared to install one in your home immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does AETNA cover the cost of these lifts?

No. Aetna bases this determination on whether several standards are satisfied. The Aetna member must be: (1) incapable of standing up from a standard armchair at home; (2) and must have severe arthritis of the hip or knee, or have serious neuromuscular disorder; (3) and the seat lift mechanism should be prescribed to effect improvement, or arrest or retard deterioration in the member's state; (4) and once standing, the member must have the ability to ambulate. Subsequently, Aetna would consider seat lift mechanisms medically necessary durable medical equipment (DME). However, Aetna does not cover stairlifts because they may be considered house changes. As explained in the question that handles Medicare coverage of these medical devices, they basically follow the rules for lift mechanisms of Medicare.

2) Can you rent a stair lift for an extended period of time?

As a result of individual situation you might be facing, you may need to rent a stairlift instead of purchase one. Perhaps you'll have business for a length period of time that may benefit from its use, perhaps you let your house, or someone in your household has had surgery or an accident and desires it briefly. Sometimes, determined by the medical condition, you simply can't be sure how long you'll want the stairlift and renting seems like the best choice on a month-to-month basis. Rental programs frequently offer a minimum of 3 months and often contain the installation and de-installation in the rental package. Some Oregon companies even offer lease to own applications. Yet, it's very important to consider the price of installation and de-installation before selecting this option instead of buying a used stairlift.

3) How fast do stairlifts go?

Typically the speed ranges from 13.78 feet per minute to 29.53 feet per minute with the speed varying with the rider's weight, all within the recommended industry standard. The maximum speed in the usa is 40 feet per minute. Units can come with an emergency brake safety feature in the event you feel out of control descending. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers manages the standards for stairs chair lifts for issues of public safety, including speed under ASME A18.1.. Some makers offer a variable speed of 0 to 38 feet per minute.

4) How are you supposed to run power to a stair lift?

Electric-power (AC) stairlifts necessitate a grounded regular 110v/20 amp wall socket located at or close to the bottom or top of the stairs. Direct current, or battery powered (DC) stairlifts use batteries capable of being recharged. Plug in the DC powered stairlift when it's not being used to recharge the battery. There are also DC powered units that enable the AC electricity to continuously charge the batteries while the DC power is used by the stairlift from the batteries. The battery controlled stairlift will continue to run until it runs out of power, when there's a power outage. The DC stairlift will not run, if the transformer burns out and you should possess the charger serviced.

5) Is there any permanent damage when installing one of these lifts?

No. One of the rationales that the stairlifts are attached to the stairway is to shield your Gresham house from damage related to installation. The few screws can be handled by the treads of the stairs. The holes are simple to cover. The total value of your property won't depreciate. Realtors used to recommend that a stairlift be removed prior to putting your house in the marketplace, nonetheless given increased life expectancy should you plan on selling your home, this is no longer the case.

6) Can these lifts be used on wood flooring?

Lifts can be set up on all kinds of flooring (carpeting, concrete, tile, marble, linoleum, or bare wooden stairs). When the stairlift is removed, holes will be apparent without carpeting. But, the holes are small and may be filled. Stairlifts can also be installed on wooden outdoor steps. The rail will be attached to your wooden steps. The truth is, most professionally installed stairlifts in Gresham price between $500 and $1,000 for the work given a variety of factors based on the difficulty of the job. Tile, concrete, or metal stairways are less easy than wooden stairs. Having wooden stairs as a construction material of the staircase makes the job for an installer less labor intensive and more affordable for you.

7) How are these lifts fitted?

Making your purchase can involve a terrific deal of effort, time and decision making when you consider which features matter most to you and all the multiple types of stairlifts that are available to you personally that will suit your needs. Fitting the lift involves making sure that the greatest focus is given to the system fitting properly in order that you don't have to worry about its security or reliability, after you have decided. Your best bet will be to have it meet by licensed Gresham professionals. These certified professionals quantify pitch angle and the step heights to achieve truth. The professional determine how your stairs can be fit by the stairlift --and will visit the site--indoor or outdoor. The track will be secured by them with supports fixed to the stairs to the stairs. Frequently people wonder if it is connected to the wall, but the stairlift is directly fitted via the floor covering of the stairway. In case the stairwell is removed, your stairway is free of damage.

8) Is there any way to sell the equipment when we are done with it?

Yes. There are providers and makers that offer buy back plans. A lot of them will remove the unwanted lift also. A lot of people prefer to purchase reconditioned stairlifts, so the demand is there. Many buyers do not like to purchase directly from a seller, because they should have it checked out by a professional to ascertain how well it functions and whether it'll work on their stairway. Certain versions sell more easy than many others.

9) How much would a cheap one cost?

Urge that you be careful of scams. we although you could probably locate a stairlift that is affordable for about $1,000, but Many people have purchased an extremely cheap unit and soon learned that there were defects in the unit or they didn't work correctly once they got them. Quality is important since you could end up spending more to maintain an economical purchase. To be able to find a reasonable alternative, consider purchasing versions that are used or leasing one. Scroll by means of this page to see our advice on searching for affordable units and financing choices. Remember also that some firms buy back your stairlift if it turns out you no longer need it and you don't want to keep throwing money down the drain on a unit that isn't made with quality in mind.

10) Can a stair lift go around corners?

Yes. Although straight stairlifts are commonly not as expensive, curved stairlifts can be custom-built to fit any staircase. Modern rail designs can help the stairlift traveling around corners closely, comfortably, and smoothly to fit your lifestyle, leaving plenty of room for individuals to walk the stairs up and down easily.

11) How much do electric stair lifts cost in Gresham?

Used electrical-powered stairlifts can start at about $1,299.00, while battery-powered stairlifts can begin at about $1,399.00 in Oregon. Both versions are priced when you get them new. The cost difference is insignificant initially. In the future, electric-powered stairlifts may cost you less, if you factor in the price of care and replacement batteries. Often, although there are batteries which are reasonably simple to install determined by the version it is suggested to get the battery replaced rather than attempt to replace it yourself.

12) Why are they so expensive to install?

Most of all, they include regular maintenance and help you each step of the way. Professional setup is a lot more economic in the long-run in terms of service, guarantee and long-term care as they can be trained to follow safety measures and experienced at setup. The installer is getting paid to correctly install your unit in order that you do not confront serious risks that do result when an inexperienced man installs a stairlift and opens the manual for the first time. A Gresham professional also knows how to ensure that the stairlift follows fire exit requirements, the way to make sure the charger connections are working correctly to avoid serious accidents, and ensure that all the appropriate operating characteristics are enabled. The price you pay to have a trained and trustworthy technician ensures your safety and also the longevity of your purchase. Repairs and re installations can take longer and cost more than an appropriate initial setup. Additionally, setup includes lifting a good quantity of weight. Many setups can be completed in a few hours by a professional.

Cain's Mobility Gresham

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