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Stop Worrying About Your Loved Ones

For many children of aging parents, the day-to-day worry about the security and well being of their parents is a big source of tension. By not understanding if their parents are very well can make daily life more difficult than it requires to be. With a medical alert bracelet, family members can stop worrying, and begin living. That sort of peace of mind is priceless.

Don’t Be a Hassle to Your Loved Ones

For several elderly people, the knowledge that they’re becoming a burden to their busy children is a hard fact to come to terms with. They have to take time out of their hectic lives to come out as well as check on the safety and well-being of their parents. With kids knowing their aging parents are safe with a medical alert bracelet or necklace, this would be substantially reduced.

Retain a Greater Level of Independence and Freedom

Every aging man likes to hold onto as much independent and freedom to live their lives as ordinary. With the reassurance and backup assurance that a medical alert bracelet that is LifeAlert gives, you can have that feeling everyday. Which will enable you to live with your own autonomy more, knowing you’ll consistently be looked after in case of emergency.


Do you are not emotionally prepared to let go of your autonomy and enjoy spending time by yourself at home?

Are many of the people you love and can depend on active and do not regularly come over to see if you’re not dangerous and out of harm’s way?

We know that you prefer to feel prepared for different circumstances in your life, and that’s why Cain’s Mobility Oregon can provide a medical tracking bracelet to you instantly in Corvallis so that you or your loved one can really feel prepared for those times that immediate medical attention can save their life.

Avoid having to remember numbers because calling for help is now suitable.

For a lot of aged folks, there are a lot of numbers to recall and depending on the kind of phone you have, you could have programmed them into your or your loved one’s phone. Still, it is more easy to reach these numbers when everything is going alright and our health isn’t being endangered. When an elderly individual or a disabled person is susceptible to falling or suffers from a surprising health attack, they don’t have the luxury to scroll through numbers. They want help immediately in Corvallis to minimize the time it takes that they can be treated.

Medical alert bracelets have saved lives in Oregon. A trained emergency response attendant ascertains the situation and provides immediate help over base unit and the telephone line. The individual does not have to hope that they called the right individual, found the correct number, or worry they will not get immediate help while lying there immobilized.

Simple changes to your home may make your home ‘fall evidence,’ but occasionally that is insufficient!

Everyone who has ever winterized their Oregon dwelling understands the drill. Before the seasons change, it is a good idea so that you don’t have to live uncomfortably to get your home prepared for sudden changes in temperatures. We’re not happy when we are not comfortable and also a dwelling that does not demonstrate ‘fall proofing’ makes us nervous. Great ideas to fall evidence your home to make your Corvallis house safe include: arranging furniture for lots of room to walk, removing safety risks, securing loose carpets and improving lighting. Some install grab bars, which makes freedom a lot simpler.

When you have addressed all of the spots in your Corvallis home which may increase the chance of falling, you can not anticipate when an emergency hits. Particular conditions in particular demand that you be prepared if a seizure attacks you out of the blue and you require instant attention. Wearing a medical alert bracelet can help you when you have done everything you can to prevent yourself from tripping in your home. During a fall, you can really be knocked unconscious and pressing the button as you fall on your medical alert bracelet can make a huge difference to your family members along with you personally.

By wearing a medical alert bracelet and preventing falls in your house, you’re taking all the necessary precautions you have to have in case of a fall.

If you have taken other essential precautions and or your family members are simply at a higher risk for a fall, our Oregon team is only a call away to assist you install the right equipment for a lifesaving medical alert bracelet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are there any long term contracts?

Life Alert offers a 36-month membership cost with automatic renewal. They provide a cancellation policy, however it's involved. In case the user moves or deceases into around the clock nursing care in Oregon, then the contract is null.

2) What happens when I push the Life Alert button?

When you engage the Life Alert button, it contacts dispatchers at their 24/7 observation center in Oregon. Moreover, Life Alert helps in so many other ways. The dispatchers send paramedics instantaneously, when you have a medical emergency. The dispatchers hear any action in your home when you have a house intrusion. In the case of a fire, your smoke alarms are monitored 24/7 by dispatchers. Immediately, it dispatches appropriate help and reacts to the presence of fire or smoke. The Life Alert CO detectors are monitored 24/7 they send help immediately if there is carbon monoxide discovered. An emergency signal will be transmitted by an alarm to the members main unit reports the alarm to the central monitoring station which immediately contacts the member and authorities and subsequently activates its own siren.

3) Does this work with Comcast in Oregon?

If you have Comcast or AT&T, you most likely have a cable package form of phone service or a VoIP. If the power goes out in Corvallis, you need to ask if losing phone service will affect your Life Alert. Also, some individuals report that Comcast Voice or any other VoIP service isn't really reliable enough for Life Alert type systems. A cable package refers to when you've got your cable, telephone, and web running through a carton (modem). Make certain it says "Digital phone service" somewhere on your Life Alert system. We are happy to assist you, as it can get quite confusing fast.

4) Can I travel internationally with my medical monitoring bracelet?

No. It only is operational nationally.

5) Is there anything I have to do to qualify for a medical monitoring necklace?

No. Life Alert provides its monitoring service to anyone with an injury and is generally used among folks who live alone in Oregon. Yet, additionally they urge that it may be beneficial to others, not just aged populations, in various circumstances, families, and couples. It could be useful to anybody with limited mobility. Some of their attributes are useful for anyone who desires peace of mind during a real-life crisis and needs to rely on the monitoring center for immediate assistance.

6) How much does Life Alert cost per month?

Monthly service prices change. Approximately $50, it is for a Corvallis landline. Approximately $60, it's for cellular and for GPS mobile, it is around $70.

7) Does Life Alert work outside the country (like in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada or China)?

No. It only is functional nationwide.

8) How many customers does Life Alert have?

Life Alert has well over 150,000 clients, spread all over the United States, with many in Oregon.

9) Can anyone get Life Alert?

Yes. While it's specifically designed to protect all family members in a house health emergency and seniors living alone, there are many circumstances that Life Alert can help anyone in an emergency situation. The Life Alert system helps during medical emergencies, fire protection, carbon dioxide protection, and home intrusions. Some of their services are used for security reasons when away from your Corvallis residence.

10) Can they be used with a cell phone?

Yes. It costs around $10 more than with a landline in Corvallis. (1) they've an app for your smart phone using a speed dial feature to the Life Alert Center in addition to a speed dial for your standard cell phone. In the event you are walking alone and you're suddenly concerned for your safety, you can be helped by it during an emergency before an emergency occurs. Its own monitoring center runs where trained representatives in Oregon remain on the line with users until the emergency situation is addressed. The Life Alert HELP 911 cell phone contacts emergency services rather than the observation centre.

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